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Glenn Livingston ,Ph.D.

Glenn has helped literally thousands of business clients.  His companies have sold more than $30,000,000 in consulting to big names like AT&T, Nextel, Whirlpool, Novartis, Lipton, Colgate-Palmolive, and Kraft.

Dr. Livingston's coaching programs are often sold out with two year waiting lists of more than 100 people

"In the 30 days after my new offer and landing page launched, I blew away my previous best [...] month by a little over 325%.  $3,500 vs. $11,500.  Next month I expect to be near $20,000.  Thanks again Glenn!" - John Fox  

"I spent 15 minutes letting Glenn look at my site and took a few of his simple suggestions he gave me... 

Three days later my conversion rate was up 44% AND my back end profits  were up by 31% and he even bumped my email open and click-through rates. 

Those 15 minutes took my business from losing money right into the black... and I've been at this market for years already. My only regret is waiting so long to work with him."  - David Oliver


"Turn Your Passion for Marketing and Business into a Lucrative, Rewarding, and Fun Career… Using Our Turnkey-Systems to Create Instant Credibility, Attract Dream Clients, Multiply Their Profits, and Live the Lifestyle You Desire!"

"Got six new jobs in one week"
- Tanya Outridge

NO Coaching Experience Required

Transition Safely

NO Inventory

Hundreds of Niches

NO Franchise Fees

Work from Anywhere

Start Just an Hour a Day Minimal Start Up Costs
Set Your Own Schedule Start Up Quickly
Make a Real Difference

Work on Your Own Terms

"With Terry's help, my business launched and grew to a six figure business within the first year.  The next year it has almost doubled again in income." - Dr. Michael Beck

"I followed his lead, I did exactly what he told me to do, and I got results [...] my phone was just ringing off the hook.  I had a waiting list and I couldn't even handle all the business coming in.  [...] I kind of got this feeling of hope!" - Stuart Johnson

DISCLAIMER: It would be unreasonable to assume just taking our program will provide you with the same results as the clients quoted on this page and/or Terry Dean and Dr. Glenn Livingston because they have unique skill sets and/or previous business experience. (Disclaimer | Disclosure Statement)

Terry Dean

Terry Dean has coached literally thousands of small business owners to grow their companies since 1996. Because of his proven success working with clients, his coaching programs are continually sold out with several hundred business owners on a waiting list desperate for new opening.

"Terry helped me with a sales letter for my coaching program.  And I’m delighted to say that, I was able to fill the program with just one email.  

All I had to do was announce that the program was open to my list and send them directly to the sales letter that Terry helped me write" - Marcus Santamaria

"Before Terry, I spent most of my time working in my business...

After Terry, I spend most of my time working on my business.

(I've hired employees to do much of what I did previously, and the business has nearly doubled in size over the past year).

Oh...I almost forgot, my wife and I have spent the past 6 months 'working on the business' from Hawaii." - David Tingley

We're living in unprecedented times. 

The Internet has transformed business as we know it.  It's easier than ever to start a business and declare yourself the CEO. 

At the same time, the corporate rat race is literally tearing apart people's lives and families.  Job security is dead. And pensions have all but disappeared. 

People who never would've considered putting up their shingle just a decade ago are becoming business owners today because it's the only viable option left.

According to the Kauffman Foundation at the date of this publication, there were 476,000 NEW US companies every single month

And that's ONLY in the United States.  It doesn't include the massive growth in entrepreneurship around the rest of the world.

Right this minute, I have one-on-one business coaching clients paying premium monthly fees from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, and Japan all from the comfort of my own home with no travel required. 

Plus literally hundreds of international clients in my group programs. 

But there's a second trend occurring as entrepreneurship grows worldwide: 

Business Owners Today are Completely Overwhelmed

It's literally impossible for a small business
owner to keep up with everything required of them!

Not only does a business owner need to keep track of marketing, they also have to handle finances, customer service, branding, legal issues, government regulations, managing team members, creating systems, technology, accounting and tax compliance, research and development, banking and cash flow management, and the opinions and needs of their partners, spouses, and families!    

How in the world can they stay focused when everything around them is screaming for attention?

And worst of all, it can be very isolating to run a business all by yourself.  And frightening, too. 

Who knows how to get their phone ringing and customers to the cash register?  Who can they bounce ideas off of?  And who will be willing to hold them accountable for growing the business?

The answer to ALL these problems is a BUSINESS COACH.

Not another eBook which disappears on their hard drive moments after they download it. 

And not another seminar which excites them for the moment but leaves them cold the minute they're back home facing their now-even-longer to-do list. 

The answer to the crippling overwhelm is a caring business coach who not only listens but also has the TESTED AND PROVEN PLUG-IN SYSTEMS ready to immediately grow their business.

That's where off-the-shelf info products, general coaching, and even the vast majority of business coaching programs fail.

Anyone can do simple goal setting exercises.  Anyone can be a sounding board as they listen and repeat back what the clients say.

But that's NOT why clients will pay premium fees.  No. 

Premium Clients Pay Big Money To Coaches for SYSTEMS Proven to Help Them Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!

And this is good news for you!

Because this means it's NOT about your previous experience or background.

They also don't care about how old you are, where you live, how much you personally earn, or what school you went to.  I'm a college drop-out.  If Ivy League schooling was required, I'd still be selling pizzas for a living. 

Clients only care about whether you have systems you can plug-in to get their phone to ring and grow their business.  

That's where the rubber meets the road. 

Put up or shut up.  Either the systems work or they don't.

And my systems can work just as well for you and your clients as they do for me and my clients... 

Your clients don't care about your business background. They
only care whether you have SYSTEMS which can drive profits to their bottom line.  And now you can use OUR tested and proven systems to establish instant credibility with clients before you ask them for a dime!

But wait.  It gets even better!  Since business owners simply want to tap into systems which grow their business for them, it also means what they pay you will NOT be limited to the hours you invest.  They're not paying you for the time you actually work.

They're investing premium fees for the RESULTS your systems deliver.  Period, end of story.

You can work one-on-one with clients OR you can grow your profits exponentially by putting together group masterminds.

Instead of helping one client at a time you could have as many as 20 clients all paying you for ONE call. 

And they'll even help each other implement the systems. You do less work and reap greater rewards.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

If You're Passionate About Marketing and Business, You Too Can Claim Your Stake In The Billion Dollar Business Coaching Revolution

My name is Terry Dean and I've been full-time online since 1996. 

The last job I had and ever will have was delivering pizzas for Little Caesars at $8 an hour.  My wife and I were deep in debt after dozens of failed business opportunities.  And there appeared to be no way out.  I had failed at mail order, network marketing, and door-to-door sales. 

That all changed the day I discovered the Internet.  It was just the early embers back in CompuServe days, but I bought my first PC and taught myself the basics of using it.  I devoured whatever I could get my hands on from the masters of direct marketing and mail order.

And I applied everything I learned until I created my own very profitable information publishing business with eBooks, videos, audios, and more.  Over the years I created and sold millions of dollars worth of products including a membership site with a roster which looked like the Who's Who of successful online business owners.

I sold my list and my business in 2004 and took 18 months off from the Internet.  Let's face it.  I was frustrated.  I had amazing success in my business and I'd helped thousands of others do the same, but it was missing something.  While thousands had succeeded, there were many others who'd never gotten the results they were looking for from those early products. Something was missing.

In 2006 I came back to the Internet with no website and no list.  But I had a renewed goal.  I would personally help clients get maximum results in minimum time one-on-one and in small groups. 

After starting over completely from scratch, it took me just three months to fill my coaching program. 

Over the past 8 years I've personally helped more clients create successful online businesses one-on-one than anyone I know.  Over the years I've refined my systems into a well-oiled machine. 

In the beginning, I only knew what I'd personally done to succeed.  But each new client was an adventure.  And what worked for me personally didn't always work for them.  It took time, practice, and experience to create systems which worked for clients from all different backgrounds and in all different industries.

And a few interesting surprises occurred in recent years.  First, a lot of local businesses such as restaurant owners, CPAs, and dentists started using my business coaching services.  (I initially thought I'd get online business owners only)

It seems EVERYONE wants to attract new clients, grow their business, and take more time off.  Not just internet marketing junkies like us!

But there was a 2nd trend in my coaching practice which you'll be even more excited to hear about.  Because it represents a TREND in the world market: 

My clients now include BOTH those in business-to-consumer niches such as golf, tennis, foreign languages, ecommerce products, etc, AND business-to-business industries such as those selling to chiropractors, dentists, real estate agents, etc. 

And by far, the clients who went from zero to six figures (or more) the fastest were those serving business audiences.  When those clients positioned themselves as business coaches and trainers to their niche industries they immediately tapped into a growing demand!

Business coaching is easy to sell, even for premium fees, because...

Business Coaching Can Create An Immediate and
Substantial Return-On-Investment for Your Clients

When you have the right systems in place, you're selling money at a discount. 

What if you could invest $10,000 with me and you knew your return would be $52,900 or more?

Is that something you'd be interested in?

"Bottom Line: Coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business. Including the financial benefits from employee retention boosted the overall ROI to 788%." - MetrixGlobal, LLC. Case Study on the Return on investment of Executive Coaching (Disclosure statement)

That beats the stock market.  It beats real estate.  It beats hiring new employees or attending seminars.

It's one of the safest investments a business owner can make.

And it gets even better...

There are 8 hidden profit opportunities in every established business just waiting for you—the business coach—to come in and create explosive growth. 

They're almost always just sitting there waiting to be discovered.  Point them out and look like a genius. 

All you have to do is pull one of these ideas out of your bag of tricks to immediately multiply the profits of your clients in the first few sessions.  

Once they've earned this kind of immediate return on investment—often before they've paid your first month's bill!—it becomes extremely simple to justify your premium fees... 

When you pull out a few of these in succession, many will stay with you for years on end.  Some never leave!  Which is why my own business coaching program is almost always...

My own business coaching program is often
sold out for months at a time...and when I open new
slots they're almost always taken within 15 minutes!

Quick Wins!  They're the biggest secret of my own business coaching success. In fact I've developed such a strong reputation for providing quick wins in these last two years that new opening announcements in my practice repeatedly sell out in under 15 minutes! And those clients are VERY reluctant to give up their spot...most stay with me for years at a time.  

One of my longest-term clients has been with me for almost a decade.    He's the quintessential example of my dream client. It's clients like him which make me truly love coaching...

Because not only has he received a direct return-on-investment in his business from my coaching, but he's also helped to expand MY skills and systems!

That's a forgotten benefit of coaching.  Not only do you get to create a lucrative, rewarding, and fun career...you actually expand your own business, make lifelong friends, and network with industry leaders. 

And it just so happens this particular dream client is my partner on this project

Dr. Glenn Livingston and His Companies Have Sold Over $30,000,000 In Coaching and/or Consulting to Big Companies Like AT&T, Nextel, Whirlpool, Novartis, Lipton, Colgate-Palmolive, Kraft, Johnson and Johnson, and Many More

Glenn is the son of two therapists in a family of 20 psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists. (When they walk into a restaurant together and the hostess says "Table for Dr. Livingston" or the dreaded "Dr. Livingston, I Presume!?" at least a half dozen people turn around). While you may not want to come to his family reunion, it's important for you to know the "helping business" is in his blood from birth.

After getting his Ph.D. in psychology he built a 65 person practice in approximately eighteen months, just outside of New York City. When people's symptoms resolved, he would invite them to become coaching clients. This became the bulk of his practice 5 years later. He generated more than 1,000 new direct clients and referrals during this time period! (Plus he supervised several psychotherapists and coaches to develop their client skills).

Because he doesn't have kids, thoroughly enjoys his work, and has had NO commute working from home for the last 23 years, Glenn launched a second career as a consultant. His specialty was helping large companies evaluate psychological response to advertising, which is where he originally developed his marketing expertise. 

He also offered team building sessions, creative ideation sessions, and name development sessions which were arguably some of the most expensive coaching services ever sold!  

In one of them, he and his wife Dr. Sharon Livingston were responsible for leading an executive team to develop the name "Nextel" (now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sprint corporation and owner of the trademark.) They became a billion dollar conglomerate, and Glenn and Sharon only got a measly $25,000 for the weekend.

His firms eventually sold more than $30,000,000 in
coaching and consulting services to clients like:

Along the way his company work
and/or theories received tens of
thousands of dollars of free publicity
in places like The New York Times,
The Los Angeles Times, Crain's
NY Business, Bloomberg Radio,
CBS and ABC Radio...and more!


But in 2003 Glenn got fed up and stressed out from working with 800 pound gorillas. And he wanted to take his skills to the INTERNET too. So he fired his corporate clients and quietly used the methods he developed doing millions of dollars of high end consulting to discover little untapped markets.   And he made over $250,000 selling e-books and audios!  Some of the little niches he practiced these techniques on were...

Glenn's Month By Month Income
When He First Started
Applying His Formulas to Niches

(DISCLAIMER: It's unlikely you will get the exact same results Glenn did for yourself or your clients because he had 20 years of professional marketing experience prior to instituting these campaigns.  However, you WILL get the very best of his marketing knowledge with nothing held back.   More importantly, you'll be licensed to use the tested and proven SYSTEMS Glenn relied on during this period.   Disclosure statement)

  • How to care for pet guinea pigs, rabbits, frogs, and goats (he sold over $250,000 worth of e-books and audios—each one for under $10—that's a lot of piggy books!)...

  • Reading body language...

  • How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles (he built a whole company around this one with a partner, it quickly had 100,000+ subscribers!)...

  • And a whole range of other weird issues, like dealing with radon problems, waste water management, etc

In 2006 word got out, and he began teaching seminars to help others leverage his techniques. By 2008 he was flooded with requests to market FOR other businesses (including dozens of coaches), so along with a partner he founded an internet marketing agency which grew to 21 people before he sold his shares. 

The agency put Glenn in regular contact with some of the top internet marketing experts in the world. More importantly, he saw what turns dollars IN into dollars OUT over and over again, since he not only reviewed client business models but saw the statistical results in their advertising accounts. Needless to say, he isn't "talking theory!" He knows what works—and what wastes your valuable time—in today's online world...

He has a coaching system which is routinely sold out with a waiting list more than one year long, which usually has more than 120 people in line. (And he charges $1,000/hr for one-off phone and/or Skype time outside of this system)  Glenn brings the money-making disciplines of marketing, psychology, research, competitive intelligence, and statistics to bear on your coaching market. It's a unique power your competitors can't match...

The Bottom Line Is Glenn and I Can't Handle the Demand and We Need Your Help!

I only accept new coaching clients once or twice a year and my slots sell out in 15 minutes or less. 

My waiting list has hundreds of people on it eagerly awaiting the next open slot. 

Glenn hasn't had room for any new clients since early 2013.  That's close to 2 years now people have been desperately begging him to take their money!

The business coaches I've personally trained are just as busy.  They simply don't have room to take on any more clients of their own.

And our waiting lists keep growing.

A previous business coaching client of both Glenn and I recently called Glenn out of the blue and told him about an almost $10,000,000 payoff from selling his current business.  And guess what?  He's starting a new venture where he'll need a team of business coaches!

Neither Glenn nor I have people we can confidently refer to since the limited number we've trained are already booked up. In fact, I get requests for referrals every single month.  When someone finds out my coaching program is booked and how long the waiting list is, they ask who else can help them grow their business.

These are people waiting money-in-hand pleading for someone to help them with their business.

They'll willing to pay premium fees for help, but we're simply too busy with clients already.

It hurts us to turn away people we know we could help.

And we've finally decided to do something about it.

That's where you come in.

If you're interested, and you qualify, we'll teach you our complete step-by-step Growth Acceleration System. We'll show you how to fill your waiting list with excited, fun-to-work-with clients ready to pay you premium fees for your help.  And we will very likely approach some of you with a deal to work with OUR clients

What Makes This Different From
Everything You've Seen Before?

(Three Reasons Why the
Growth Acceleration
is Completely and Totally Unique)

REASON #1: You'll internalize a step-by-step SYSTEM for growing a profitable business in virtually any industry!  

If you consider our combined experience working directly with clients both on and off the Internet, Glenn and I have helped clients in almost every industry you could imagine...

Online publishing, ecommerce websites, consultants, coaches, affiliate marketers, accountants, lawyers, chiropractors, medical doctors, radon specialists, real estate agents, book stores, workshop promoters, professional speakers, golf pros, physical therapists, personal trainers, and many more.

You've already heard of or possibly even used a few of our systems.  Perhaps terms such as the Golden Glove Persuasion Architecture, Superior Selling Strategy, or Strategic Income Blueprint are familiar to you... 

But you've NEVER seen the entire system laid out in detail like this with clear instruction and personal guidance detailing how each piece of the puzzle helps to grow a client's business.

In addition, you'll understand the exact questions to ask in order to pinpoint the missing pieces in a client's business...so you can dramatically increase the odds of boosting their profits quickly.  Often during your very first session!

You'll discover tested
and proven methods
to coach your clients to
maximum performance! 

Glenn and I have been hard at work developing, testing,
and documenting business growth systems as we coached real business clients for over a decade.  Now you can tap into this tremendous resource for instant credibility and a step by step process to follow with virtually ANY client!

FACT: It doesn't matter how well your business growth systems work if you're unable to motivate your client into action. 

This is the challenge I originally faced in my own business coaching practice.  

In 2006, I knew very well how to grow an Internet business since I'd already been online full-time for over a decade.  But my clients still weren't getting the results I knew were possible.

There's more to coaching than doing a brain dump of everything you know.  You also need SYSTEMS designed to help you find a client's sticking points and immediately jump start their growth.

It took me years of practice to discover the methods that cut right to the heart of the matter and produced results for virtually any client no matter what their personality profile.  More importantly, Glenn is an expert in this after having over 1,000+ clients himself—and now running his own Coaching Academy training literally hundreds of coaches.

Reason #3: To Attract Dream Clients, Earn Premium Fees, and Experience Your Own Lifestyle Business

Coaching excited, action oriented business owners is PURE JOY.  But that's NOT what most coaches experience.  You may have even heard a big name marketing guru say something like, "Clients Suck!"

I've heard that dozens of times from so-called "experts."   But it's the polar opposite of the reality I've experienced over the past 8 years.  Clients don't suck.   Some of my clients have become joint venture partners, motivated me to greater heights, and even become my closest friends.  

If you've been following someone who says "clients suck" you'd be well advised to ask yourself if that person is really a well-adjusted, reasonably normal person before you swallow their advice! 

If clients suck, it's because you're attracting the wrong ones. There's something seriously wrong with your marketing process when you're not attracting clients that energize you.   And here's another critical point you need to know about attracting dream clients...

WARNING: Coaching Services Are NOT Sold in the
Same Way eBooks or Home Study Courses Are Sold! 

Coaching services are just NOT sold in the same way eBooks or home study courses are.  You don't need ‘killer copy.'   In fact, ‘killer copy' and any type of pushy sales pitch at all is a NEGATIVE when marketing to high end coaching clients. 

If you use the same marketing strategies for your coaching programs as for everything else online, you'll simply attract bottom feeders while repelling the dream clients who can create your perfect practice. 

And in our training you'll discover systems specifically designed for coaching & other high-end services which actually can make high-end, premium services EASIER to sell than cheap products! 

And best of all, you'll attract clients by demonstrating value and authenticity instead of hype and hard sales pitches. 

Here's How You Can Tap Into Our Turn-Key Systems to Create Instant Credibility, Attract Dream Clients, Multiply your Profits, and Live the Lifestyle You Desire as a Strategic Growth Director

"Absolutely, Unequivocally, the Most Thorough Program That I Have Ever Touched Upon!"

Jason Arthur

A Comprehensive Tool Kit Which Makes
Him Feel Like a Super Hero with His Clients

Simon Payn

This is a limited opportunity.

In order to maintain our high-quality student-teacher ratios and ensure each participant the individual attention they deserve, we only open periodically for new enrollments, and typically for just 30 students at a time.  

After you join you'll get a new training video each week inside the membership area.  And then on Fridays you can join a Q&A session to answer any and all of your questions.  The lessons are distributed according to your join date, but the LIVE Q&A sessions, personal help with each action challenge, and mastermind group are available each week.

Each step in the Growth Acceleration System is covered. 

As soon as you join you'll watch our the orientation video (which has potentially profit-enhancing information in and of itself)...

INTRODUCTION: The Business Coaching Revolution!  Why Coaching is One of the Easiest Ways to Turn Your Passion for Marketing and Business into a Lucrative, Rewarding, and Fun Career!  (Especially When You Use Our Turnkey-Systems to Create Instant Credibility, Attract Dream Clients, Multiply Their Profits, and Live the Lifestyle You Desire)

Then, here's what we'll do week by week...

How to Find the Quick-Wins and Fast Profit Bumps in ANY Business—So Client's Will Happily Pay Your Fees And Virtually BEG You To Keep Working With Them!  (8 Tested and Proven Ways to Improve the Bottom Line FAST and How to Choose the Best One for Each Business Situation!)
Attracting the Perfect Customer:  Unusual Strategies to Define, Research, and Hook the Most Responsive Customer in ANY Market!  (HINT: Even Experienced Business Owners Almost Never Implement More Than One of These...If Any!)
THE GOLDEN GLOVE OF PERSUASION: Dramatically Improve Sales in ANY Business with Five Power Principles You'll Want to Know Like the Back of Your Hand!  Any time money changes hands anywhere in the world—on or offline—you can bet your bottom dollar these five things are hard at work in the background.  Use them wisely and you can not only increase income for your clients (and yourself), you might just find yourself persuading your children, spouse, and other family members to do things you never dreamed of!
Client Attraction Secrets: Attract Dream Clients, Earn Premium Fees, and Experience Your Own Lifestyle Business
Superior Selling Strategy™ - How to Go Well Beyond the USP to Craft and Implement a Superior Selling Strategy™ (SSS) to Dominate Your Market!
THE STRATEGIC INCOME BLUEPRINT: Look Like a Hero by Leveraging the Hidden Profit Multipliers Virtually NO Business Ever Implements (Or Even Considers!)
SUPERIOR BRANDING STRATEGIES (SBS): Extend Your Superior Selling Strategy Into a Virtually Unbeatable BRAND the Customer Can't Ever Forget!   (How to use imagery, colors, product and service names, logos, website design, phone messaging, email, business cards, brochures, and other customer-facing communications to stamp in a clear and concise, living identity!)


UNLIMITED TRAFFIC MACHINES:  Flood Your Site with Highly Qualified, Responsive Traffic from AdWords, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Media Engines...and Use Direct Mail, Trade Events, Publicity, Networking, Radio, and Other Forms of Offline Advertising to Attract Hyper-Targeted Customers!  (Combine Everything You've Learned to Beat the Competition and Build a Virtually Unlimited Traffic Machine)
STRATEGIC ALLIANCES AND REFERRAL SYSTEMS: Evergreen Systems to Add Buyers to Your Lists" and Cash to Your Bank Account! Year After Year with Virtually NO Financial Risk!  (Tested and Proven JV Principles to Build YOUR Business Even If You're Unknown in Your Industry, Have NO List, and Don't Have Enough Money to Buy a Cheeseburger at McDonalds)
F.U.E.L. (Fiercely Unconventional Entrepreneurial Leadership):  A Systematic Approach to Attracting, Interviewing, and Motivating Team Members, Outsourcers, and Vendors for Maximum Leverage in Minimum Time!  And Learn to Master the Lost Art of Improving Profits by Focusing on Quality and Customer Problems Too.  (Most businesses look at customer service as a necessary evil but the smart ones see it as a sales opportunity!)
"MAGICAL" WAYS TO CREATE TIME AND FREEDOM FOR YOUR CLIENTS AND YOURSELF:  How to dramatically reduce overwhelm, minimize distractions, and increase productivity.

THE STRATEGIC GROWTH DIRECTOR PLAY BOOK: A Comprehensive, Tie-It-All-Together Review of the Proven Growth Acceleration System Strategies For Turning Your Passion for Marketing and Business into a Lucrative, Rewarding, and Fun Career

By the end of the twelve modules you'll have a complete system to lead a client step-by-step to grow their business, increase their profits, manage their team, and create more freedom in their life.


In addition to the weekly video trainings and live Q&A webinars each week, you'll also receive all the cheat sheets and training guides Glenn and I use with our clients.

Plus, we've organized the class so you can start profiting with your clients immediately. The first class is designed to help spot quick wins for a new client (virtually guaranteeing they stay with you for years to come).

After that, each week progressively builds upon the system, expanding your client's growth and success to every area of their business.

Each system can be immediately applied to both your business and your client's business. There is no reason to wait till the end of the class to tap into these systems for immediate profits. In fact, we've had numerous clients who've gotten so much ROI from the content in the first modules, they had to pause completing the course in order to keep up with the new business it generated:

"We have a lot of work on at the moment. Lots of repeat business and referrals (which is fantastic). Although I am not completing the course work, we are constantly listening to the recordings [...] I often find myself listening to the same recording over and over, and every time, I pick up something new. There is so much value packed into every module. It is unlike any other course we have ever invested in.  And while I feel guilty that I am not completing the course, I remind myself of what you said about building a business, rather than doing a course. We are certainly doing that. I have not finalized our turnover for this financial year yet, but at this stage, it is around 5 x higher than last year.  So, thank you. This material has given us so much scope to offer people so much more (and with more confidence and structure). Generally, Christmas time is slow for us, so I am thinking that will probably be a great opportunity to get through the course formally.  We have been on every 'gooroo' list there is and bought every course going [...] This is the only one that has been practical in our market (i.e. small business rather than IM), and has over delivered beyond our wildest expectations. My husband has downloaded everything on to his phone and he listens to it when he is out and about. His standard comment after listening to a module...'S**t these guys are good! Imagine if we knew this stuff 20 years ago?'"

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: It would be unreasonable to assume just taking our course will accomplish the same results for you as for clients on this page given their unique backgrounds, experience, and resources.  But it can and does happen... and you might be risking more by passing on this opportunity!

In addition to the 12 core trainings you'll also receive...

Six Bonus Audio Training Sessions
Specifically Engineered to Help Business
Coaches Earn Maximum Money
in Minimum Time 

These 6 bonus audio sessions will be added every other week throughout the 12 week class.  Each one covers another aspect of creating the ‘perfect' coaching practice

  • ONE WEIRD TRICK TO SELL HIGH TICKET PRODUCTS AND SERVICES:  See why this very strange, counterintuitive secret is so powerful for closing high end clients!  (Eliminate time wasting tire-kickers and seriously improve your closing ratio)

  • PRACTICAL COACHING CONVERSATIONS FOR BUSINESS COACHES: How to Engage Your Client and Keep Them Goal Oriented and Positive with Unique Questioning Techniques, Brainstorming Methods, and Coaching Tools

  • WARNING: ONE BAD CLIENT CAN RUIN YOUR PRACTICE!  Powerful Techniques for Preventing, Managing, and Discharging Difficult Clients!  (See how to screen for the best clients and prevent 90% of the problems before they ever happen, and how to skillfully navigate the choppy waters when the inevitable curmudgeon sneaks through)

  • LEVERAGE YOUR TIME AND MULTIPLY YOUR INCOME WITH GROUP COACHING: Earn More Money in Less Time with Small Industry Groups, Masterminds, and more...all designed to dramatically boost your income while helping more clients. (Note: There's also a critical-but-hidden additional benefit of allowing you to bump up your one-on-one coaching prices to an even higher level)... 

  • PASSIVE INCOME: How To Go Beyond Dollars For Hours And Turn Your Coaching Experience Into Residual Earnings!  (How to productize your knowledge in books, CDs, DVDS, etc, and strike deals which lead to ongoing income independent of your coaching time)

  • START UP ISSUES: The Least You Need to Know to Smoothly Start Up a Business Coaching Practice without Losing Your Shirt, Your Clients, or Your Sanity.  (This is where we deal with the nitty-gritty little issues which can come back to bite you if you don't set them up right from the beginning. How to name your company, incorporation options, getting business insurance, attending to bookkeeping and tax issues, setting up regular payments with merchant accounts and PayPal, creating business cards that sell, the benefits and drawbacks of working at home vs. renting an office, etc.  Of course we're not attorneys or accountants so you'll need to consult with those professionals for the final word on your decisions... but we've got decades of experience supervising entrepreneurs and want to share our knowledge to spare you the pain!)

And remember, you'll...

Gain Instant

 Receive Certification as a Strategic Growth Director
and Lean on OUR Credibility and Credentials
to Leapfrog Your Way to Success

Many new coaches worry about how they will be perceived as credible by clients as they're starting out.  I usually tell new business coaches the best way is to prove your worth by finding a Quick Win for the client before you ask for money.  Give them a gold brick and you become irresistible because they know there's more where that came from. 

That said, it can be helpful to have a prestigious organization standing behind you.  Which is why Dr. Glenn Livingston and myself will directly endorse you as a Strategic Growth Director when you complete the criteria below. 

  • Throughout the class you'll have multiple opportunities to practice all the steps.  To become certified, you must implement at least 75% of the weekly action challenges and sample-session assignments...

  • Pledge to honor our professional code of ethics... 

  • And pass the certification test which demonstrates your knowledge in applying the steps in multiple business situations.  There is no additional charge for this test, and you are given multiple opportunities to take it.  (NOTE: If you've been through the material and you've actually implemented the steps, you'll easily pass.  It's an OPEN BOOK test and you're welcome to reference the training materials while you're taking it.   This test is only designed to eliminate people who just want to buy a certificate with no intention of actually learning or implementing what we teach)...

You'll be designated as a Strategic Growth Director™ and you'll receive a signed and printed certificate via REGULAR MAIL with your name attesting to this status. Unlike some other organizations, there are NO ongoing charges to maintain this status!

You'll also receive permission to advertise yourself as a Strategic Growth Director™ from Dr. Glenn Livingston,  Terry Dean (that's me), and the International Coach Certification Academy.  That gives instant credibility for attracting new clients using our proven systems.  (Note: The International Coach Certification maintains a Board comprised of several Ph.D. and Masters level business persons, many of whom have graduated from prestigious institutions like Yale, Princeton, etc.  You can cite this board for additional credibility and prestige when required)

And we're not going to leave you to go it alone at the end of the 12 week class either. 

You also get...

One Full Year of Comprehensive Access to Our Community of Strategic Growth Directors (In Addition to the Weekly Live Access to Founders Terry Dean and Glenn Livingston)

"If it wasn't for the support that I know that I have from this group there's no way I would've been able to take on this client.  You know he's PAYING and that's great for me. Just knowing that I had the support of this group is what's given me the confidence to say yes!" - Tony Jones

After the 12 weeks you'll continue to have access to both Glenn and I for the next full year.  You can continue to ask us anything you like during our weekly-live-interactive Q&A webinars for Strategic Growth Directors™ only.  And you can take the full year from your date of purchase to get certified too!

Receive continuing education.  Get answers to your questions.  Ask for help with client issues.  Practice your skills.  These calls are designed to give you the help (and confidence) you and your peers need to get out there and boost your profits with real paying clients.  And they're available every week. 

Each call will be hosted by either Terry Dean or Glenn Livingston personally.  And we do many of these calls together.  Plus, of course, we will call on our vast network of guest experts as required to provide additional training and/or assist with any special situations that may arise. 

All of our live groups are held using sophisticated webinar software.  You log in using your computer or just phone in the old fashioned way.  Either way, you're still attending from the comfort of home on your own schedule!

In addition, you'll gain access to our PRIVATE Facebook Community.  It's here you'll find like-minded, similarly trained professionals to practice your skills and build a support network which should last throughout your career.  And because it's only for students and alumni in good standing, you'll know you're connecting with business coaches who are serious about their careers!

That's 52 weeks of personal help, support, and community AFTER the 12 week class itself.  You will never feel alone in your new journey to business coaching success!

You get the training.  You get all the tools.  You get the support... 

But that's not all.  Because we're even going to go the extra mile to help you train your clients...

You'll Also Get One Year of Access for
All YOUR Private Clients to Our Growth
Acceleration System Online Training Library

I've developed a lot of training materials, cheat sheets, and resources over the past 8 years of coaching and 18 years of online marketing.  Often my clients will ask a question and I'll give them a specific answer for their unique situation.  Plus I'll also send them over to a resource I already have developed to further educate them on the subject. 

These include specific issues of my paid newsletter, videos, audios, and more.  Glenn has a similar depth and breadth of training materials he's developed to guide his clients through his step-by-step growth processes. 

Every successful long-term coach has private training tools like these. 

Well, we're going to give you an immediate jump start to your practice and save you YEARS of time... 

We've put together the Growth Acceleration System™ Training Library to be used exclusively by our Strategic Growth Directors™ (and, of course, ourselves.)  You'll receive a personal admin password to the system and will be allowed to grant access to all your private clients.

There are NO additional fees for this.  Your membership and your personal client's membership is included.  

One of the most tremendous benefits of having a training library for clients is the ability to save time explaining key concepts to them. 

Both Glenn and I have relied on our training materials to simply point clients to when they've had questions.  Rather than spending a half hour reviewing a concept with a client on the phone (or composing a custom email), we quickly learned how important it was to be able to simply send clients a link.   Your coaching time should be about customizing the information for your clients, NOT teaching them the basics.  (Read that sentence again please)...

The training library aids in client retention too.  Clients are comforted to see you're working through a well documented system...and impressed you've got somewhere to send them to help them thoroughly understand the process for themselves.

NOTE: The Growth Acceleration System Training Library is for your private, paying clients only.  You will NOT be licensed to give or sell memberships to the system separately from your one-on-one coaching and/or approved group coaching packages.  

The Growth Acceleration System™ Training Library is populated with hand-selected PDFs, video training sessions, and audios designed to educate your clients about their most common business building questions. 

If at any time you feel you're missing something we can provide, simply request it through the Facebook community and we'll see what we have available to share with your clients from the massive amount of content we've produced over the years. 

In addition, there is new, exclusive training which isn't available anywhere else in this new library.  You'll be extremely proud to share this site with your clients.  Simply put...it will provide you with an immediate, high value bonus to offer along with your premium coaching services. 

Because practicing the material in a variety of situations is so important to us, you'll also receive an additional bonus worth $3,498.50...

Full Access to the International Coach Certification Academy's PERSONAL Training Community and Daily Live Supervision Groups

This bonus includes ALL the training materials, the Facebook group for personal coaches, and the live supervision groups held daily for life and personal coaches.

Please note this is an additional community separate and apart from the Strategic Growth Director's Community which will help you develop the ‘soft skills' in coaching if you choose. 

But there's an even more important reason we're providing you access to this personal coaching community. 

Each member of the International Coach Certification Academy chooses their own niche, designs a Golden Glove persuasion document, and works hard to learn how to market their services.

While these coaches will NOT be the ideal clients you'd want to attract as a business coach, they do present you with the perfect opportunity to practice your skills in a safe, friendly environment.   

In your business coaching practice, you will be targeting established business owners who have the funds to pay your premium fees. 

In this community, most are new business owners.  While they don't have access to anywhere near the plug-in systems you will now have to grow a business, they do understand and value coaching.  Plus they will be open to presenting themselves for you to practice and refine your skills before charging premium fees.  And some of them MAY actually wind up hiring hire you after all, they ARE developing a small business of their own.  But not everyone will be interested in this. 

Another benefit of the community for those who already have a stable of clients is simply to expand your toolset and raise your fees by providing your clients more of the growth they're desperately seeking.

But if you're just starting out as a coach, plug-in to this community and get your feet wet in the easiest way possible. 

There's one more benefit of the personal coaching community:  You'll never be more than a few days away from asking Glenn and/or Sharon Livingston your coaching questions, because they EACH run at least one of the daily live supervision groups themselves!

Normally $3,495, Glenn has offered to waive the entire fee for his personal-coach training for the small group of business coaches to join our Strategic Growth Director's class this fall!  (Note: If you're already enrolled and/or graduated from the personal coaching certification you'll be able to deduct what you've already paid there from your Strategic Growth Director program tuition too)

But we're not done yet.  We have another bonus for you

Supercharge Your Business Coaching
Income With Group Coaching

Coaching business owners is very lucrative.  But when you're only helping clients one-on-one, there's a natural ceiling on how much you can earn. 

Breaking the six figure level is common for trained and knowledgeable business coaches, but moving into the seven figure level or beyond is virtually impossible without handling multiple clients at once. 

What if you could earn the same fees but you were helping 5, 10, or even 20 clients at once?

And here's a little secret almost no one talks about.  Group clients often get better, faster results because they get to benefit from other clients' perspectives, ideas, and support they believe in you and the systems quicker because they see results in their peers and ideas expand geometrically in a group. 

You earn more money.  And your clients get better results.

That's why we've prepared something extra special for you

Dr. Sharon Livingston has probably conducted more groups, at a higher rate, than virtually anyone on the planet.  7,238+ groups at last count.  And she's been paid $20,000,000+ specifically and directly for her group efforts. 

She has developed her own unique techniques for group facilitation, dynamics, and conflict management

She has trained other professionals in advanced GROUP skills for more than 20 years

And she's previously charged as much as $5,000 for these certified trainings

But now you can get her 4 advanced, professional video modules for FREE as part of the Growth Acceleration System™. 

And One Last Bonus to Supercharge the Power of All The Rest!

If you've read this far you should be extremely excited at the possibility of joining the business coaching revolution.  After all, it may be the very best way to turn your passion for marketing and business into a lucrative, rewarding, and fun career...and we're going to give you turnkey systems to help you create instant credibility, attract dream clients, multiply their profits, and live the lifestyle you desire!

But just to be SURE you've got the maximum chance for success we're going to add one more powerful bonus.   It's a bonus which virtually no other program can or will offer you, and one which actually supercharges the value of all the rest...

At your option (but our expense), we'll provide you with 12 weeks of one-on-one productivity coaching to help keep you on track and ensure you execute on this incredible opportunity.  That means in addition to the weekly group webinars you'll get one of our fully trained productivity coaches to check in with and help you stay razor focused on actually implementing the systems and tools we provide you.

Now, you don't have to accept this optional bonus if you don't want it... it's just an additional resource to support your success.  But even if you're not inclined to use it, we'd highly encourage you to try it out for just a few weeks.  You see, our productivity coaches are not "task masters" who try to keep you in line with a whip, chain, and the threat of humiliation.  Instead, they use a sophisticated, six step process designed to tap into your motivation, overcome perceived obstacles, and make it possible for you to find the time and energy to accomplish your goals.

Because this additional bonus is optional you'll need to request it once you're inside the membership area.  We recommend you do so immediately once you're on board, but you can choose any 12 consecutive weeks for up to one year from your purchase date.

WARNING: This is NOT a Franchise or a Business Opportunity

We're going to hand you all of our turn-key system to create instant credibility, attract dream clients, multiply their profits, and live the lifestyle you desire without any strings attached. 

We'll make recommendations about how to attract clients, what to charge, and how to brand yourself but it is your business.

You can run your coaching practice anyway you want. 

You can charge people what you want and you keep it all. 

Glenn and I are simply teaching you all the systems we use and handing you a proven model for successful business coaching practice.  It's your choice what you do with it. 

You are not our employees.  If you choose (and we are agreeable), we may refer clients to you as a joint venture partner which would require commissions.  But we cannot guarantee referrals for you.  And of course we'll give you everything you need to fill your practice without ever partnering with us. 

This isn't a franchise.  There are NO additional fees or royalties you must pay to maintain your status.

This also should not be considered a business opportunity.  We don't know you or your background.  We can't guarantee you will earn a specific amount of money or any money at all.  All we can do is provide you with the systems, the tools, the support, and even training for your clients. 

You will have everything you need.  The ball is now in your court to act on it. 

What's the investment?

Glenn and I have intensively studied the business coaching marketplace.

The training packages most similar to what we offer are business coaching franchises.  They offer training, support, and even educational materials for your clients just like we do.  But they charge a LOT more and take a royalty on your earnings!

The most popular business coaching franchises, for example, charge $42,900 + 8% of everything you make and the 2nd one charges $155,000 + 5% royalties, additional sliding scale royalties, and multiple required conferences per year.  You'd need a second mortgage to do either of these!

But as mentioned above, this is NOT a franchise or business opportunity.  While we can give you all the tools, training, support, and even educational materials for your own clients we cannot legally make any income guarantees. 

And we absolutely don't want to have our hands in your pockets taking royalties on everything you do!

We found two additional business coaching programs which offer training and one year of support.  The fees for the first one were $25,000, and the fees for the 2nd were $12,800.  Both of them also require you to pay for travel to their location for the training 

But all of OUR training is provided online and is available at your convenience without taking you away from your busy schedule or your current employment.  And there are absolutely no travel fees required!

Even though we're providing unparalleled systems, tools, and support not available anywhere else we decided to make the investment very affordable at only $12,000.  Access to the training library for each and every one of your private clients is worth more than this by itself!

But we're going to sweeten the deal even more for the next group of students to go through the program on one condition:  Once you've used the program to generate your own premium clients (and have produced incredible results for those clients) you must be willing to let us publish your results as a case study.  In exchange you'll have a discount price that will NOT be available in the future. 

Right now, you can get access to everything for just $1,000 per month for seven months ($7,000 total.)

Or you can save an additional $1,000 by making one full payment of $6,000. 

AND unlike all those other programs, there are NO continuing fees or continuing education credits required to keep your professional certification from us. 

If you decide after a year that you'd like to have continued access to the community, the weekly support calls with Glenn and I, the Growth Acceleration System library for your clients, and/or if you desire more than one year's time to complete the certification, the fee for you as a ‘founding member' will only be $2,000 per year (or $19995 per month if paid monthly).  That's a fraction of what any future members will pay...and remember, continued access to the community and the library is 100% optional (you'll remain a certified Strategic Growth Director without any additional fees for the rest of your life).    

Remember though, you're committing to give us a case study of your results once you've seen just how powerful these plug-in systems are for you and your clients

But This ISN'T For Everyone, and It All Starts with a 25 Minute, $100 Personal Interview with an Enrollment Counselor

REMEMBER: We only open periodically for new enrollment applications and strictly limit student numbers in order to ensure we can give each participant the individual attention they deserve.  Our #1 goal is to hand you the system, answer your personal questions, and make sure you have everything you need to leverage the Growth Acceleration System™.  (This level of intensive, personal, small-group support from Glenn and I will likely not be available in the future.) 

But because we're limiting class size, we need to ensure only the RIGHT clients register.  That's why we require each client to apply first, and then to be accepted through a short enrollment interview. 

If this is something you're considering, and you'd like to speak with one of us then simply register here by putting down a fully refundable $100 deposit below. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you see a "Priority Waiting List" form after clicking the apply now button, it means we're currently overbooked and need to place you on a short waiting list before offering the enrollment interview.  This is generally no more than a few months, and often shorter.  Click below to apply now!

I have read and agreed to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and the Full Disclosure Statement.  I understand I am only applying for the initial enrollment interview at this time, and am incurring NO obligation to pay for the program at this time.  (The $100 I'm putting down as a good faith deposit before the interview is fully refundable if I decide not to go forward or am not admitted ot the program).  I know the program under consideration is not a franchise: I'll get turn-key systems to help attract ideal clients, multiply their profits, and live the life I desire, but there'll be NO royalties and/or franchise fees, I may run my practice however I want and charge what I want as a fully independent business owner.  (I will not become an employee of Psy Tech Inc. and/or MyMarketingCoach, LLC, even if either of these entities should refer clients to me in exchange for a commission.)    I also understand and agree the program does not represent a business opportunity and no amount of visitors, clicks, opt-ins, sales, and/or income is guaranteed.  I will be solely responsible for my own results.  Finally, I understand I am receiving a significant discount in exchange for my willingness to serve as a case study once I have achieved satisfactory results, and agree I may only decide to keep these results to myself if I reimburse Psy Tech Inc. and/or MyMarketingCoach, LLC for the case study discount these companies have extended me.
NOTE: Upon acceptance all class members will additionally be required to sign our non-disclosure agreement.  You will have access to very private information we've previously only shared with our clients in addition to proprietary intellectual property and systems.  While you are expected to share the systems with clients in both your one-on-one and group coaching programs, the non-disclosure agreement is required to limit members from giving away this information, sharing it in low cost products, or creating competitive business coach training programs.  This way the value is protected for ALL Certified graduates.

After you register, you'll have an opportunity to reserve a 25 minute block to speak to one of our enrollment counselors.  If you decide the program isn't right for you for whatever reason, or we decide you're not right for the program, you will be immediately refunded.

In addition, if our quota of clients for the particular enrollment period are accepted before your call you'll also be refunded.   To maximize your chances of acceptance, please take the earliest block of available time you can. 

If we mutually agree this is the solution for you, you can schedule the rest of your investment either over payments or in full (and your $100 will be credited towards your first payment). 

All class members will also be required to sign our non-disclosure agreement. 

You will have access to very private information we've previously only shared with our clients in addition to proprietary intellectual property and systems.  While you are expected to share the systems with clients in both your one-on-one and group coaching programs, the non-disclosure agreement is required to limit members from giving away this information, sharing it in low cost products, or creating competitive business coach training programs.

This way the value is protected for ALL Strategic Growth Directors™.

Full Money-Back Guarantee

Because it is so important to us to attract the right coaches, you'll have access to a...



This program will give you MORE skills and confidence to start a successful practice than any other program on the market or you'll get your money back.  By the time you've finished the classes, we know you'll feel secure in your ability to work with clients, produce results, and build a lucrative, thriving practice...

So if you feel it wasn't the BEST CHOICE for your training and certification for any reason for up to 90 days from your date of purchase (long enough to get through every last class!)   Just show us you've completed the assignments up until that point and let us know you'd like a refund. We'll promptly return every penny!  

This means you get PLENTY of time and real-life experience interacting with our Strategic Growth Directors™ before you really have to make up your mind... there's literally NO reason to hesitate.

Remember: We only open periodically for new enrollments, and close very quickly thereafter as soon as our quota of new students is reached.  And given the level of personal attention we're offering, this WILL sell out quickly!

If you're considering business coaching or you're already a business coach, you owe it to yourself to speak to an enrollment counselor today, or get on the Priority Waiting List so you're sure to have the opportunity when we open up again.  You have nothing to lose and possibly a brand new lucrative, rewarding, and fun career to gain!



Terry Dean
Strategic Growth Director™

P.S. It's time to join the business coaching revolution!  Yes, you can finally turn your passion for marketing and business into a lucrative, rewarding, and fun career using our turn-key systems to create instant credibility, attract dream clients, multiply their profits, and live the lifestyle you desire!

P.P.S. This is perfect for both those brand new to business coaching and experienced business coaches.  We'll cover step-by-step systems for attracting dream clients and multiplying their profits along with all the coaching skills you need in the bonus audios.  (And the opportunity to practice them with LIVE supervision 7 days a week in Glenn's personal coaching community) 

If you have questions about whether the program is right for you then you owe it to yourself and your family to speak to an enrollment counselor today.   (Or get on the priority waiting list to ensure you'll have the opportunity as soon as we open up again!) 








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