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Psy Tech Inc. wants you to be fully informed when you purchase from us, our endorsers, or any third party we may link to or recommend on any of our sites.   We take pride in our products, services,  and recommendations, and want our visitors to get the maximum positive results from their purchases, whether this be in direct profit, education, or peace of mind.  In this light we believe it's important for you to understand the following facts before making a purchase from any of our sites, or any site we may refer you to through third party links:

Glenn Livingston's Personal Success:   Glenn Livingston's personal success, and in particular the financial success he achieved in niche markets after inventing his marketing formula (which is the same period referenced in Perry Marshall's testimonial where "80% of his projects succeed out of the gate"), were due at least as much to his personal background in marketing, research, statistics, psychology, and writing as they were to the market formula itself (the marketing formula put it all together and allowed him to leverage all of the above).   Furthermore, this accomplishment occurred during both an earlier economic climate AND in the context of different internet marketing opportunities (for example, a lower level of competition in Google Adwords).  Accordingly, you should not expect anywhere near the same results as he achieved (or continues to achieve) personally, nor as an owner of Psy Tech Inc.    The same is true for his publicity obtained.  The same is true for the success of other companies he has started like RocketClicks.com (which are entirely separate legal entities from Psy Tech Inc.  Glenn Livingston's corporate consulting career (responsible for the long list of Fortune 100 companies in many of Psy Tech Inc's sales pages) was done through two other corporations in which he is a 50% owner (his wife owns the other half) - The Livingston Group for Marketing, Inc., and Executive Solutions, Inc.   Many, but not all clients in the aforementioned list were serviced by Glenn Livingston personally.  (All were serviced by one of the latter two consulting companies). 

Results From Earlier Economic Climates, Internet Conditions, or Requiring Additional Resources:   Some of the results reported on certain product pages within Psy Tech Inc. websites occurred during both an earlier economic climate and/or in the context of different internet marketing opportunities (for example, a lower level of competition in Google Adwords) and resources.  For example, you may find reports of individuals who profited tremendously in a single day.  These would not have been possible if the individual had not aggressively developed and nurtured a VERY large email list prior to these 24 hour events.  Other customers reporting profitable results could not have achieved them had these businesses not already had significant resources already in place having nothing to do with our products and/or services, nor could many of them be repeated in today's internet climate.  Accordingly you should not rely solely on these testimonials when making your purchase decision.   Again, reports of specific profits should be regarded as the exception, rather than the rule.  Consumers who use our products and services should do so for the sole purpose of education, and should not expect to see any specific increase in sales, leads, or profits.  It is entirely possible you will lose money as a result of the advice contained in our products and services (or the services themselves)

Financial Relationships with Endorsers: If any of the following people referred you to our site via a tracking link, they may receive a commission on any products or services you purchase: Steve Duce, Jeff Mulligan, Sean Page, Mark Wittkowski, Jimmy Brown, Eric Stewart, Bill Harrison, Bryan Ellis, Hakim Chisti, Brian Therrien, Stephen Georgulis, Bryan Todd, Jan Stefannacci, Jeff Hughes, Sam Hughes, Dave Seldon, Pat Wiklund, John Parker, Sunny Hills, Liz Crawford, Art Shulman, Joel Raphael, Joel Reish, Angus McAllister, Lyn Ciocca, George Bouklas, Ann Duke, Bob Bly, Paul Stevens, Don Hudson, Phil Barnao, Elizabeth Purvis, TJ Campoli, Dave Hamilton, Mark Sanborn, John Ross Bowie, Jim Cathcart, Dru Scott Tucker, Jon Eklof, Dave Baker, Joanne Mac Donald, Mark Warren, Marcus Warrencia, Markus Roman, AdwordsCopyCat.com, Bert Decker, Chris Dutson, Dianna Booker, Scott McKain, Danny Cox, Naomi Rhode, Scott Straub, Paul Stevens, Bill Song, Ty Boyd, Terry Paulson, Jilliana Raymond, Mark Harris, Catherine Tan Eyck, Mike Burnam, Mike Corrigan, Joshua Ray, Bobbi Schnee, Nissan Gable, Tim Carver, Steven Pam, Ramone Dees, Morgan Davis, Travis Giggy, Charles McCorquodale, Jeff Dodds, Travis Giggy, Angela O'Mara, Ken Greco, Jack Born, Alex Goad, Daniel Levis, Howie Jacobson, Damon Dickinson, Perry Marshall, Terry Dean, David Oliver, Fred Gleeck, Barbara Warburg, Carol Colvin, David Meadows, Carol Arnato, Brett Rhodes, Roger Anthony, John J. Kidd, and/or Dr. Grace Cornish.  Because of this financial relationship, you should not rely solely on their endorsement in making a purchase decision, and must exercise due diligence in evaluating our products and services using information obtained beyond their specific endorsements and the sales site in particular.  Please also note that Joel Raphael was hired to work with Sharon Livingston subsequent to his time as a client (his testimonial refers to his experiences as a client however).  And the work for Stephen Covey (author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was conducted as an exchange of intellectual capital, not a paid transaction).  Additionally, please note that Rob Sieracki and Jeff Hughes are shareholders and officers in one of Glenn Livingston's companies (not Psy Tech Inc). LAST: Please note that the endorsers and promoters with whom we may have a financial relationship are not limited to the people mentioned above. 

Business Relationships with Board Members: Psy Tech Inc. has had business, personal, and financial relationships with most members who serve on our quality assurance board.  You should take this into account when considering the quality of advice they provide.  (Although our founders strive to provide them with the ability to say anything they wish regarding the training programs, an argument can be made that previous and current financial relationships may interfere with their neutrality, so we wish to disclose this up front)

For Profit Corporation: The International Coach Certification Academy is a division of Psy Tech Inc, a for profit corporation. We wish to make NO representations to the contrary, as noted in the footer of our site and within this document.

Generally Expected Results from Our Products:  Although our products are intended to be fully implemented, and we work hard to ensure it's easy to do so, the typical user of virtually all education products treats them in much the same way they treat a book.  The vast majority read or skim through it once, then "leave it on the bookshelf".  The results of such education are intangible, and not measured in direct profit, influence, health, pet health, relationship improvements, or other positive results of any kind.  And even when consumers implement our product in full, more often than not they do not report increases in profits, leads, sales, influence, health, pet health, relationship improvements, or other positive results of any kind.  Reports of specific profits, improvements in health, pet health, relationship improvements, influence, sales, leads, or any positive results of any kind should therefore be understood as the exception rather than the rule.  Consumers who use our products can generally expect not to see any increase in sales, leads, profits, influence, health, pet health, or positive results of any kind.  It is entirely possible you will lose money, health, influence, relationship status, and experience other negative outcomes as a result of the advice contained in our products.

Generally Expected Results from Our Services: Where professional services are concerned, we don't warrant that typical results will include any amount of visitors, leads, sales, profits, influence, relationship improvements, health improvement, pet health improvement, or positive results of any kind.  In fact, it's entirely possible you (or your loved ones or pets) may do worse financially, personally, physically, or emotionally while using our services than before you hired us.  For example, we have serviced happy customers who's businesses were declining, and we merely managed to slow the fall (and free their time) long enough for them to regroup and make solid plans to exit.  And although our service business would certainly not exist if we didn't provide value to our customers, the above is not the only circumstance in which you may lose money, health, or personal wellbeing as a results of using our services, and as such you should not rely upon results reported on our sales pages when deciding whether or not to purchase our services.  Clients utilizing our services more often than not do not report increases in sales, leads, or profits, and many report losses.    Clients utilizing our services more often than not do not report positive results in health, pet health, influence, relationships, or any positive results of any kind.  Profitable and/or other positive results should therefore be considered the exception rather than the rule. Clients utilizing our services can generally expect not to see any increase in sales, leads profits, health, relationship improvement, pet health, or any other positive results of any kind.  It is entirely possible you will lose money, health, pet health, influence, sales, profits, leads, and other positive assets as a result of using our services.

Generally Expected Results for Our Affiliates: 98% of our affiliates remain inactive, doing nothing to promote the program after signing up, and thus never making a single sale.  Of the remaining 2%, the vast majority do not succeed in making any sales.  Therefore, notwithstanding the fact that potential forward looking earnings on our affiliate solicitation pages are true and accurate to the best of our knowledge, profiting from our affiliate program should be considered the exception rather than the norm.  The majority of affiliates will lose time, money, and effort in their promotional activities for our programs.

Rocket Clicks: Glenn Livingston founded RocketClicks.com as a pay per click management company.  He served as the CEO while it grew to 21 employees, but he and his wife sold their shares to their partner (Jeff Hughes) on June 30th, 2011.  The company now provides services which span the gamut of internet marketing needs, including much more than pay per click management.  As such, not all employees are tasked with pay per click management, and some serve in the SEO or web sales improvement department, while others have primarily a market research function.  Testimonials obtained from Jeff Hughes and Sam Hughes were obtained with specific regards to Glenn Livingston's seminar and marketing method BEFORE he entered into partnership with them in RocketClicks.com.

For Additional Info on Our Company:  In the interest of presenting you with a full and complete picture to make an informed purchase decision, Glenn Livingston in particular takes the time to specifically solicit negative feedback by emailing the Psy Tech Inc. prospect and customer lists the question "do you hate me?", then inviting them to comment publicly on our blog here.  

Notice of Affiliate Tracking Links and Commissions Received By Our Company: Our policy when linking to third party sites is to (a) only link to sites we can genuinely recommend and endorse unless otherwise qualified in the proximate vicinity of the link and (b) use affiliate tracking links whenever they are available so we might profit from the time, energy, and work which goes into identifying and reviewing these valuable resources.  You should assume we have a financial relationship with third party sites unless explicitly stated otherwise, and as such should not rely entirely upon our recommendation when making your purchase decision.


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